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Earth Flow Yoga@12th annual Sunshine Coast YogaFest

Every moment in life, every experience, everything in the whole universe arises and passes away. If we understand this, we will not be overwhelmed by ups and downs. And if we are able to maintain an inner balance, we can choose to act in ways that will create happiness for us and for others. 

A 45 minutes introduction into a deeper understanding of yoga, a journey into the inner self. You will be experiencing a unique blend of physicality and deep, creative sequence. Focus on the breath, an extraordinary attention to alignment and introspection will give you the opportunity to explore.

Come prepared to breathe, sweat, work, and be lovingly adjusted. Step by step you will push your physical and mental boundaries and flow into more advanced asanas. After opening the body the workshop will end with a silent meditation, where you will have the chance to observe and experience your inner reality.

YogaFest 2018 tickets (online) 1 day - $70 // 2 days - $115

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