Yoga for businesses


The key to success for any company begins with creating the right environment for employees to blossom as professionals and as human beings. Yoga and meditation classes are a low-cost innovative solution for companies seeking to increase productivity, reduce health care expenses, alleviate workplace stress and promote employee well-being.

Offering yoga and meditation in the workplace enables employees to exercise their bodies and minds during the workday. Especially since our western working cultures require high levels of attention and focus, mental clarity has a major influence on work-life performance. Without a well-balanced body and mind we lose our effectiveness and risk of disease and stress level increases. Yoga and meditation classes are a great way to enhance motivated, clear minded and productive teams and create a more balanced work environment.

The classes can take place during lunch breaks or before and after office hours, within your company or in a yoga studio. Style, intensity, duration and theme of the classes are based on your companies needs.


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