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Earth Flow Yoga is a culmination of my experience in yoga, meditation and arts – designed to elevate higher consciousness in people and planet. My teachings are powerful, energetic and based on the complex wildness of nature.

In class you will explore a unique blend of physicality and deep creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga sequence. Focus on breath-based movement, an extraordinary attention to alignment and introspection will give you the opportunity to experience the inner layers of body, mind and spirit. Come prepared to breathe, sweat, work, relax and be lovingly adjusted.

Earth Flow Yoga is inspired by Jivamukti Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga. It is for people of diverse backgrounds and levels of experience – for beginners and advanced practitioners. For those who resonate with the spirit of nature.

I completed Yoga Teacher Training at Spirit Yoga Berlin with Patricia Thieleman in 2014 and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Vanessa Rudge at Being Yoga Brisbane in 2018. Also I am a registered Yoga Alliance Instructor.



What I call ‘Earth Flow Yoga‘ is an intensive journey into a deeper understanding of yoga, a journey into the inner self: Every moment in life, every experience, everything on earth arises and passes away. If we understand this, we will not be overwhelmed by ups and downs. And if we are able to maintain an inner balance, we can choose to act in ways that will create happiness for us and for others.

We are endowed with the great ability of consciousness and understanding the universal law of cause and action, the law of nature. Yet, we mostly live in a state of unconscious acting. We are usually not aware of how our actions affect our own and the whole collective reality – we are not connected to our inner truth. In order to truly know ourselves, come into full force and bring nothing but love, peace and harmony into the world, we need to experience the roots of our actions, the root-causes of our misery or happiness – which can be found deep within body, mind and spirit.


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I’ve taken a dozen classes with Dinah as part of our lunch yoga class in my company. Dinah would come in every Thursday and do an hour of Vinyasa Flow with us. We’ve been a very mixed group, usually around 5-10 people, from all kinds of levels and all nationalities – the class would usually be held in English and German. Dinah would totally adjust to our daily mood/performance, level of expertise or general circumstances. She would give really good guidance, combine different elements and have a different routine for every class. She understands it well to challenge us but also give us room to breathe when needed. I can only recommend Dinah – my favourite yoga teacher of all!
— Jo (Review on Yogatrail)
I would classify Dinah’s teaching style as highly energetic and very caring at the same time. With her warm voice and personality Dinah motivates you to give your best effort while respecting your own boarders. I feel totally safe under her guidance and I definitely get to sweat. Dinah’s classes are no simple “fitness yoga classes”, but she includes elements of effective mediation and gives enough space for introspection and stillness. Addictive!
— Barbara (Review on Yogatrail)
Ich habe schon so einige Stunden bei Dinah nehmen können und habe mich immer sehr aufgehoben bei ihr gefühlt; egal ob ich irgendwelche körperlichen oder seelischen Probleme hatte. Die Stunden bei ihr haben mir immer ein großes Stück Geborgenheit und ein gutes Gefühl zu meinem Körper gegeben. Ich konnte zudem auch super an meiner körperlichen Stärke arbeiten. Schön war es auch zu sehen, wie sie nach den Yoga Stunden oft selbst noch auf die Matte ging und sich selbst nie vergessen hat. Alles in einem eine wundervolle Frau mit einer der angenehmsten und gleichzeitig stärksten Auren, die ich bisher unter Yogalehrern kennengelernt habe.
— Lisa (Review on Yogatrail)
I can only wholeheartedly recommend Dinah. She’s the one who introduced me to yoga in 1:1 classes and took away my awkwardness and insecurity within minutes with her warm and caring personality. Over time I also had the pleasure of participating in bigger classes she lead and was always happy with the experience. She effortlessly adapts to different experience levels of her pupils and find the right balance between spiritual and physical exercises. I can only say that I am very appreciative of the opportunity to be taught by her and have since brought several friends into her classes as well!
— Flo (Review on Yogatrail)
I started doing yoga since I moved to Berlin, 3 years ago. After trying out a few studios I discovered Chimosa, where I was lucky enough to have Dinah as a yoga teacher. Every class with her it’s a fulfillment on a spiritual level and physical level. She has a strong energy and I can feel her devotion for teaching yoga, and that’s what it makes every single class worthy.
— Maria (Review on Yogatrail)
Dinah is a wonderful teacher who helps You to learn more about yourself in her Classes through Yoga. She combines a healthy Balance of powerful Vinyasa flow with meditation combined. You feel relaxed and still within your Body mind and Soul :) I can highly recommened. I started Yoga with her and never stopped after that. Thank You Dinah for this Journey. You are wonderful. Stay blessed.
— Diya (Review on Yogatrail)

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