YOGA for pregnancy


A safe and gentle form of body and mind exercise for women during their pregnancy. Every pregnancy is a time of change and transformation, an experience of femininity and primal power. Experiences in this intense and unique period are dependant upon a woman’s ability to trust in her inner knowing. Prenatal yoga leads women to support and trust the process rather than work against it.

With regular pregnancy yoga practice you will gain strength, flexibility, stamina and relaxation. The combination of body, breathing and meditation exercise helps to prevent pregnancy-related problems, posture problems and emotional blockages. During practice you will learn how to open the body, consciously experience your changing body, tune into the consciousness of your growing baby and build self-confidence for a positive pregnancy, birthing and the time after.

Moving through the unknown terrain of birth, pregnancy can be a time of endless joy and appreciation, but also a time of great uncertainty. It can be comforting to know that our fluctuating feelings and emotions are a natural part of the journey. Prenatal yoga classes also offer space to connect and bond with other like minded women – a precious experience particularly during pregnancy.

It is not necessary to have previous yoga experience to attend prenatal yoga classes. I teach simple beginner's postures with varying levels of complexity offered to experienced yoga students. In German and English. You can participate at any time of pregnancy as long as it feels good and there are no medical concerns.

I’ve completed Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Vanessa Rudge at Being Yoga Brisbane, Australia, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training at Spirit Yoga Berlin, Germany. Also I am a registered Yoga Alliance Instructor.


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